I gotta go my own way.

See, I don't know why I liked you so much. I gave you all of my trust.
I told you I loved you, now thats all down the drain
You put me through pain, I wanna let you know how I feel.
Fuck what I said, it don't mean shit now. Fuck all those kisses, they didn't mean jack. Fuck you, I don't want you back.
You thought you could keep this shit from me.
You burnt bitch, I heard the story. You played me.
Now you're asking me back. You are just another act, look elsewhere.
Cause you're done with me.
You questioned, did I care?
You could ask anyone, I even said you were my great one. Now its over, but I do admit I'm sad.
It hurts real bad, cause I loved you.

Kõik on korras.

Ma pean ära mainima, et mul pole iial vist naljakamat söögivahetundi olnud. Tegelikult oli hea koolis tagasi olla. Ja praegu on seal lebo ka!

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